Nathan griggs tube and leather stock whips


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The cracker
The Fall
The handle
The Hitch
The Keeper
The Thong
Tube whip maintenance
leather whip maintenance
Whip safety

Personal safety when using a stock whip

It is the whip cracker's responsibility to make sure that the area of a performance is safe for other people. Whoever is practicing cracking the whip should wear safety glasses and a broad rimmed hat. A whip can easily damage your eyes, so don’t take the risk, wear glasses!

Always take the time to look around you before you start to swing your whip. It is important to look on the ground to make sure the whip will not pick up any foreign object, if a whip picks up a small stone it could flick it into some other persons at a very great speed, inflicting a serious wound.

Do not crack your whip if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always put the safety of others first and then personal safety. Use your whip responsibly, don’t take risks!

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Parts of a stockwhip